A project!

In Class, project on September 21, 2011 by kobermey

Hello Good People of the Internet!

Now begins the start of the project.  My group’s name is MUSE (get it? it’s a combination of ME and US!) and we will be focusing on creating a new Tangible User Interface that will promote group collaboration.  Our system is centered around a smart table-top  which will have individual workspaces and also a larger group workspace with tokens to represent ideas.

Our process consists of three different categories:

Me time:

  1. Purging of ideas
  2. Sorting of ideas
  3. Deciding the feasibility of ideas
  4. Sharing of ideas

Us time:

  1. Collection of ideas
  2. Familiarization of the ideas
  3. MUSE time (see below)
  4. Sorting of ideas
  5. Deciding the feasibility of ideas
  6. Implementation
  7. Recording of ideas and tasks
  8. Share ideas

MUSE time

  1. Sort ideas
  2. Combine ideas
  3. Create new ideas
  4. Share ideas

I’m really looking forward to proceeding on this project, and, of course, completely re-inventing ways people collaborate… cause I’m visionary like that.


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