A complete 180

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First off, I’d like to begin with the notice that I’ve just gotten out of a lecture called “STEM to STEAM” (which I’ll make a post about later) about including art in science/technical fields and I’m extremely inspired, so I will be making several blog posts in a row.

For my first post, I’m going to talk a little bit about my class project which has drastically changed.

At the beginning of the year, my project team was presented with three problems one of which we would solve with a Tangible User Interface.  Initially, my group selected the collaborations category thinking it would be the most useful to our community and developed the MUSE project.  After creating the initial idea, we hit a brick wall in creating the interface.  After many discussion sessions, we decided that it may be better to get some fresh ideas on the table for optimal innovation.  Instead of continuing with the collaborations category, we decided to switch to the “Reinventing Superheros” category and create the “Super Wendy Suit”.

The Super Wendy Suit is a suit that Wellesley College students can use to keep track of their vital needs like eating, sleeping, and exercise using sensors so the system requires no user input.  You can view my project proposal (Complete with super cool artistic sketches that I made) below:

I’m pretty excited about this project because I love super heros.  I’m also super busy and am constantly forgetting to eat meals, see my friends, and go to sleep.


Unicorns are involved

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Here is a link to a TUI that includes unicorns.


All for you CJ.  All for you.


-Tangible Kat


A moment for the I/O Brush

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I thought that I would take a moment to talk about the I/O brush from MIT’s Tangible Media Group.  Yes, I have seen a video on this brush in just about every CS class I’ve taken at Wellesley, so it’s not like I was out doing research on cool new technology and stumbled upon it, but I feel that I have a personal connection with this brush, and I have deemed it worthy of being on my blog.

So, why do I like this brush so much?  The first time I was shown the video of this brush in the fall of my first-year at Wellesley in my intro to Java class, I was in awe.  After class, I frantically called up my mother and told her all about it exclaiming “This is what I want to do!”  I shared the video on facebook, e-mailed it to friends, and pretty much told everyone I was having a conversation with about it. Oh, and I’ll share it with you! Here!

As I started to progress through the rest of my first-year, I was starting to doubt myself thinking that I would not be able to succeed at the Computer Sciences at Wellesley. The next semester, I was the only first-year in Human Computer Interaction and was terrified.  When my professor showed me the brush video again, it gave me a sense of reassurance– letting me know I was in the right place and keeping my eye on the prize and promise of being able to do something that cool later on.  The idea of the brush pushed me to work hard and past what I thought were my limits.

Now, in my Tangible User Interfaces class, I’m closer than ever to the brush, but I’m still not there yet.  The brush will continue to serve as my beacon as I continue my exploration of interfaces and making new ones.




A project!

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Hello Good People of the Internet!

Now begins the start of the project.  My group’s name is MUSE (get it? it’s a combination of ME and US!) and we will be focusing on creating a new Tangible User Interface that will promote group collaboration.  Our system is centered around a smart table-top  which will have individual workspaces and also a larger group workspace with tokens to represent ideas.

Our process consists of three different categories:

Me time:

  1. Purging of ideas
  2. Sorting of ideas
  3. Deciding the feasibility of ideas
  4. Sharing of ideas

Us time:

  1. Collection of ideas
  2. Familiarization of the ideas
  3. MUSE time (see below)
  4. Sorting of ideas
  5. Deciding the feasibility of ideas
  6. Implementation
  7. Recording of ideas and tasks
  8. Share ideas

MUSE time

  1. Sort ideas
  2. Combine ideas
  3. Create new ideas
  4. Share ideas

I’m really looking forward to proceeding on this project, and, of course, completely re-inventing ways people collaborate… cause I’m visionary like that.


Hello world!

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Hello everyone!

Welcome to my very first blog post! This blog will document my exciting journey into the world of Tangible User Interfaces.  For my class at Wellesley, I will be working with a team of my peers to design an exciting and new user interface.

So far, I’m confused.  I switched into the class a day later than everyone else, so I kind of missed the essential introduction to what TUIs are and how the class will work, but I’m sure some perusing of the course website will fill me in.

For my first homework assignment, I read and made a presentation on a research paper about token+constraint interfaces.  Tokens are physical representation of data and the restraints allow you to interact with the data.  I thought this idea was really innovative because the constraints tell the user what interaction is possible with the data, and therefore doesn’t overwhelm the user with too many options.  I’m a very big fan of simplicity.

Now, I’m about to start (and catch up) on all the reading I have assigned, as well as brainstorm ideas for my project.  Stay tuned for more cool updates and other fun stuff I find!

-The Tangible Kat